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Article About reseller WHM
  We provide all resellers with a limited WHM. These limits help us control what actions the...
Views: 3659
Article Branding
  This feature allows reseller and dedicated owners to brand your cPanel. This means you can...
Views: 3232
Article Changed Package, but customer's new settings are not showing up
  Editing a hosting package may not edit the sites that are already on the package. To get...
Views: 2308
Article Edit Reseller DNS Zone Template
  Advanced: This feature of WHM allows you to apply a set of default DNS records everytime...
Views: 2362
Article Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin
  This feature will not work on a reseller account. You will need a dedicated server or VPS...
Views: 2278
Article How do I choose what cPanel themes are available to my clients?
  You can choose which themes are available to your clients. The instructions below illustrate...
Views: 2166
Article How do I create a cPanel account?
  Before you can create a new account, you must create a package in WHM. Once the package is...
Views: 2291
Article How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM)
  To log into your WHM, you can go to any of the following links. Just make sure to customize...
Views: 2496
Article How to limit which icons appear in cPanel via Feature Manager
  The feature manager allows you to disable/enable icons inside of each client's cPanel....
Views: 2240
Article How to reset a reseller's client's password
  Go to WHM and click Password Modification (under Account Functions). Select the account...
Views: 2180
Article I cannot change packages anymore, resources over allocated
  When a reseller grants too much disk space or bandwidth to all his clients, we say you are...
Views: 2175
Article I entered some information and then WHM says I left it blank
  You are likely using the wrong character set on your computer's keyboard.
Views: 2135
Article I upgraded the bandwidth or disk space limit on my packages. Why aren't my sites updating?
  I edited a hosting package. Why aren't my sites showing up with the new stats? Whenever...
Views: 2196
Article Increase reseller's client's disk space (aka quota)
  To increase your client's disk space, please go to WHM > Account Information > List...
Views: 2124
Article Learn WHM
  These are great resources we hope will help: Learn WHMWHM User Manual
Views: 2307
Article Manage DNS Zones
  You can find this in WHM under DNS Functions. This area is for advanced users only, so...
Views: 2507
Article Modify cPanel/WHM News
  This feature in WHM will allow a reseller to send a message which will appear on all clients'...
Views: 2195
Article One of my sites exceeded its bandwidth limit. I raised its limit, but the site is still saying bandwidth exceeded.
  Note: Ensure you have first upgraded the site to a package that suits its needs. Still...
Views: 2050
Article SEO assign separate IPs
  SEO users: You may have noticed when you create a new account, each new cPanel has the...
Views: 2297
Article Setup Remote Access Key
  A Remote Access Key is used for automatic account creation scripts, external billing...
Views: 2459
Article Skeleton Directory
  In WHM, this page tells you the location of the folder where you can place files for your...
Views: 2220
Article Suspending/Unsuspending Accounts
  Instead of reading this, you can watch the movie tutorial. You can find this in WHM under...
Views: 2497
Article Want to know how to do something in WHM?
  We have movies set up to walk you through almost everything in the WHM. Web Host Manager...
Views: 2079
Article What is a package?
  A package is collection of predefined specifications which define what a user or domain may...
Views: 2391
Article WHM Contact Email
  Just go to WHM, List Accounts. You can update the contact email for each account there....
Views: 2524
Article WHM Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request
  This tool will allow you to create a CSR. We prefer you use the online form to accomplish
Views: 2134
Article WHM Interactive Knowledgebase
  The Interactive Knowledgebase enables you to find solutions to many common problems you may...
Views: 2368
Article WHM Modify an Account
  The Modify an Account link in WHM can be used to update a cPanel account which you already...
Views: 2156
Article WHM Modify Suspended Account Page
  This allows you to control what page is displayed when you suspend your own clients. You...
Views: 2096
Article WHM Shopping Cart Reset
  This feature will allow you to reset a client's shopping cart if it is not functioning...
Views: 2189
Article WHM Support Center
  You can submit a support request to the cPanel customer service team through the support...
Views: 2414
Article Why when I add something to cPanel, then go to check and it's not there?
  Login to your cPanel account and look at the left hand menu. It will list the account...
Views: 1999


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