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SEO Tools section in cPanel - Attracta


Shared webhosting customers may have noticed a new section in cPanel called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools. These icons will connect you to a FREE service called Attracta.


Attracta automatically generates a sitemap of your site and pings the major search engines when any pages are added, to ensure that everything in your website is indexed by the search engines.

They also give you stats on common errors that can affect your search engine optimization efforts, as well as the site's current placement on the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page).

To get started, just login to your AvailHosting control panel and use the icons we provide.


Attracta provides 100% of customer support. If you need support or have questions about Attracta, please contact Attracta using the following methods:


  • Select one of the SEO Tools in your Control Panel, then click on the Help tab
  • Escalation issues can be sent to

Attracta has committed to providing the best support possible, and thousands of AvailHosting customers have already started using the service.

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